D-STAR Information

VHF repeater frequency 145.61250 MHz Duplex -0.600 MHz
UHF repeater frequency 438.01250 MHz Duplex -5.000 MHz
VHF gateway frequency 145.78750 MHz
VHF personal hotspots – any between 145.550 and 145.600 MHz

Thailand Repeater G3 Gateway

E24DA กรุงเทพมหานคร  Register   Dashboard
E24DB ปทุมธานี  Register   Dashboard
E24DC ชลบุรี  Register   Dashboard
E24DD สุรินทร์ Register   Dashboard
E24DE มหาสารคาม Register   Dashboard
E24DF พิษณุโลก  Register   Dashboard
E24DG เชียงใหม่  Register   Dashboard
E24DH ระนอง  Register   Dashboard
E24DI สงขลา  Register   Dashboard
E24DJ ภูเก็ต  Register   Dashboard

Thailand DPlus Reflector REF087.dstargateway.org

Other Reflector
   XLX520 Multi Protocol Reflector (XRF/DCS/REF)
  Name : XRF520 / DCS520 /REF520
Address : xlx.dtdxa.com
Dashboard : http://xlx.dtdxa.com

  DCS001 U DCS Reflector (Many thanks to our generous friends from Germany for letting us use their DCS server)
  Name : DCS001 U
Address :
Dashboard : http://dcs001.xreflector.net/_user_U.html

D-STAR Repeater and Gateway Map
[gmsp_map id=”gmsp-map-5a32e632645e3″ w=”600px” h=”750px” nocontrols=”0″ noscroll=”0″ open=”gmsp_marker_5a32e702015ce” cluster=”0″ ]

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